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    An ‘Old Lady Car’ That’s Also Badass: An Inexplicable Love for a Jaguar

    I don't know exactly why I own this car. It makes no sense to me. For the price, if people had asked me what kind of car I would have, it would not have been this one, especially not a convertible. Yet, I fell in love with the looks of it and then I drove it. Once I got behind the wheel, I was sunk.

    My entire relationship with cars is a little bit like that, this inexplicable attraction to a certain style or experience. Some of the best cars out there are the ones that really don't make sense. I think one of my favorite cars of all time are the Mercedes-Benz AMG E 63 wagons. Why does anyone need that? The truth is there's no purpose to that car at all. I also have a Toyota FJ Cruiser that I drive daily, which again speaks to the fact that nothing about any of the cars I own is logical in any way.

    I have always enjoyed cars, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t. Before I moved here five years ago, I lived in New York City where I grew up. When you’re a kid learning to drive in the city, you just pay attention to how taxi drivers do it. They're the best drivers on the road. You’ve got to be aggressive and you can’t give a shit. In New York, no one's going to give you the right of way, you’ve got to just force your way into it.

    When I moved out to California, I immediately felt that this is where I belong. There’s a car culture here that doesn’t exist in New York. I love tuning cars especially, although not many people in the US mess with Jaguars. I’ve had to make some calls to England every now and then, but most of the time though, I’ve just figured it out on my own.

    You see a lot of the base model of these cars driven around by older ladies, but I want an old lady car that’s also kind of badass. I want to put more power in it. The goal for this Jaguar is to be a little bit of a sleeper. People know it's fast, but I want people to be surprised at exactly how fast this baby can be.