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How can I update my profile?

Click on your options tab on the top left in the app. From there, scroll to the bottom and select Settings. In this section, you can add your professional / personal info. You can edit push notification settings, change your password, add your website and an About Me.

Why is an About Me important?

Since this is a social media platform, its purpose is connection within our vehicle enthusiast niche. Writing something interesting about yourself is an effective way to attract the users you’re looking to network with. Think of your About Me, profile picture and website as your digital business card. Instead of personally giving it out to each person, your digital card is on display at all times, marketing on your behalf. If it’s blank, you’re not saying anything!


Does my Private info stay private?

Yes. The section in your Settings for private info is not seen by any other account users.


What should be my first post?

Your first post can include many topics, but we recommend sending out a professional introduction with a genuine interest in sharing content and building the network. Also feel free to share your favorite vehicle pic.


Is this like Facebook or Instagram?

Yes and no. You can post, view a feed, receive followers and follow others and DM, but while FB and IG are broad-based platforms that have people posting any and everything, we are a specific niche. So you’re only going to find vehicle enthusiasts here, much easier to connect with the like-minded. As you’ll experience, this essential to our brand integrity.


Can you tell me about the Events?

If your location settings are on, you can source events happening around the world in a given timeframe. You can also search events by vehicle category, from watercraft to RV to power sports to aircraft. The range is vast. Save events for later, or if you feel the creative urge, host your own event and post in the platform for others to attend.


What is the Road?

The Road tab is your traditional feed. You can switch between all posts or those posts that feature vehicles in action.


The Home tab is full of vehicles. What’s up with that?

As you scroll through the photos, you can customize the feed at the top, where you will see options like PS05, PS04, etc. Click on one to remove or add watch your feed adjust.


How can I contact Historide for support?

Visit the Settings tab and then Contact Support. You can Email us directly from there at Share any feedback you have. We’re enthusiastic about our platform and every perspective helps us improve.